A Popular Male Idol’s Disguise Backfired, Exposing His Identity

“…they kept saying I was wrong.”

Privacy is a rare luxury for most public figures, including K-Pop stars. One handsome idol went the extra mile to hide his identity, but things just didn’t go his way!

Hwang Minhyun

In an interview with VogueNU’EST turned soloist Hwang Minhyun revealed how he once tried to fly under the radar–but failed spectacularly.

Hwang Minhyun

While sitting down to reveal his go-to items, such as his suitcase, sunglasses, lip balm, and L.O.Λ.E AirPods, he held up a bucket hat.

Now, I have this hat. This is from a brand called Andersson Bell and it’s my true ‘go-to item.’

— Minhyun

Minhyun revealed that, several months before the interview, he wore a face mask and a bucket hat low over his eyes while going out in public.

There’s a funny story about this hat. I was wearing this hat and just hanging out in Cheongdam-dong several months ago. I was wearing a mask and my hat was down over my eyes. You really couldn’t see my face.

— Minhyun

That disguise didn’t stop two ladies from recognizing him straight away! Minhyun tried to convince them they were wrong, but these ladies just weren’t having it.

Suddenly, these two ladies came to me and asked if I was Minhyun. I told them no but they kept saying I was wrong.

— Minhyun

As the ladies had already figured out his true identity, Minhyun couldn’t help asking how they knew it was him. As it turns out, they worked for Andersson Bell and wanted to thank him for wearing the hat so well!

I got curious so I asked how they knew and they said they work for Andersson Bell. They thanked me because I was wearing this hat so well. Thank you!

— Minhyun

While Minhyun may have been surprised to be discovered, fans weren’t surprised at all and couldn’t help laughing at Minhyun’s story!

Experience the full “undercover” story and discover all of his go-to items in the video below: