These Five Male Lead Characters Of An Upcoming Drama Have An Average Height Of 186cm

This drama is expected to be a visual explosion!

The five male lead characters of the upcoming MBC-TV drama, A Day Discovered By Chance (literal translation), have been receiving attention for their stunning visuals.

Not only are they all extremely handsome, but they also all have extraordinary body proportions with an average height of 186cm (6’1″). The first is SF9‘s Rowoon who will be playing the character of Ha Roo. Rowoon is 190.5cm (6’3″) and the tallest among the male lead cast.


Actor Lee Jae Wook, who is playing the role of Baek Kyeong, is 187cm (6’1″).


Actor Jung Geon Ju, who is taking on the role of Lee Do Hwa, is also 187cm (6’1″) and is known for his cute visuals as well as his stable acting skills.


Actor Kim Young Dae, who was formerly a model, is 185cm (6′) and boasts out-of-this-world proportions. He will be playing the character of Oh Nam Joo.


And finally, actor Lee Tae Ri, who is 181cm (5’11”), will be responsible for the role of Jin Mi Chae. He has appeared on numerous films and dramas including Moon Embracing the Sun and Rooftop Prince.


A Day Discovered by Chance (어쩌다 발견한 하루) is a drama based on the popular webtoon series, Finding July (어쩌다 발견한 7월). It is a school romance drama that follows the story of a female student who goes against her fate and finds true love.

The drama is set to begin airing this September so stay tuned!

Source: Dispatch