MAMAMOO Defend Hwasa’s “No Bra” Issue And Ultimately Protect Her From Unnecessary Controversy

One member said “you end up losing yourself” in response and her whole statement is incredibly inspiring.

In their previous promotion for their song “HIP”, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa was asked a seemingly unrelated, but expected, question.

That’s right. It’s about her no-bra airport look that stirred up a lot of opinionated comments from netizens in Korea.

To bring this up, the reporter started by saying that they think MAMAMOO members are composed of strong and confident women — followed up with this direct statement:

Hwasa responded by saying that it wasn’t that big of a deal.

But still, the reporter asked what her “intention” was in doing something like that.

To which her response was:

I’ve always been natural and comfortable. It wasn’t really intentional. I was just being natural.

– Hwasa

After Hwasa answered the question, MAMAMOO’s leader, Solar, also gave her two cents on the matter.

I believe we’re considered confident people because we enjoy and do everything, as long as it’s not a crime, with confidence.

– Solar

The group thought the “issue” was already dealt with, so they asked for more questions. It was brought up again here:

This time, Moonbyul answered the question by saying that Hwasa didn’t write the chorus — Producer Kim did.

She then ended the issue by saying this profound statement:

If you care too much about what other people think, you end up losing yourself.

– Moonbyul

And to finally put a lid on the unnecessary issue, she gave her final thoughts on that topic by encouraging people to love themselves because everyone is good enough already.

MAMAMOO is the true definition of a “loving family” and their support for Hwasa shows every time they back her up.