MAMAMOO gives shoutouts to K-pop artists at 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun

To spread the love to other K-pop artists, MAMAMOO made sure to include EXO, BIGBANG, and BTS into their witty ad-libs at SBS Gayo Daejun.

On December 26th, MAMAMOO performed their hit songs “You’re the Best” and “Decalcomanie” at the yearly awards ceremony, 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun. To make the stage even more special for the event, MAMAMOO incorporated a few K-pop artists’ names into their songs. Since Moonbyul’s reference to actor Jung Woosung at the Blue Dragon Awards 2016 received lots of love and attention, they decided to do some shout-outs during their ad-libs once again.

MAMAMOO started off their performance with their first song, “You’re the Best.” During Solar‘s part where the original line was “Hey there, the man with the pretty smile,” it was changed to “Hey there, EXO with the pretty smile.” Hwasa could also be seen dancing to EXO’s “Growl” choreography.

The camera panned to show EXO’s reaction, and they all showed their support by singing along to the song and doing the pointing dance move.

The BIGBANG members were up next for MAMAMOO’s shout-outs during the second part of the chorus. The original line was supposed to be, “Hey mister, the guy with handsome thoughts.” Instead, the MAMAMOO members sang, “Hey there Mister BIGBANG with handsome thoughts.”

Since MAMAMOO were standing directly in front of both Daesung and Seungri, you could already see the big smile on Seungri’s face in the background before the camera gave them a close-up.

For their song, “Decalcomanie,” during Wheein‘s line where she was supposed to sing, “We’re facing dawn secretly,” she sang “In our team, we also have Kang Sung Hoon,” while gesturing toward Solar. The reason why Wheein said that MAMAMOO had their own Kang Sung Hoon was because many people have said that Solar looks like him. Kang Sung Hoon is a member of the first generation group, Sechskies, that signed contracts with YG Entertainment this year for both the group careers and his potential solo career.

Right after, Moonbyul started off her rap by shouting “Bangtan time!” referring to BTS‘ full name, Bangtan Boys.

At the end of her rap, Moonbyul made a reference to BTS’ Rap Monster‘s introduction to “DOPE” where he said, “Welcome, first time, with BTS?”

Instead of saying “BTS,” she changed it to, “Welcome, first time, with MAMAMOO?”

The camera checked BTS for their reaction and found them jamming along to the song while doing the dance moves enthusiastically.

Right before they ended their performance, MAMAMOO gave their last shout-out to all those who participated in the yearly event by saying, “SBS Gayo Daejun, once again this year, you’ve all worked hard!”

Watch the entire performance of MAMAMOO’s stage at SBS Gayo Daejun below!