Here’s Why MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Goes “No Bra” In Public, Regardless Of What Netizens Say

Absolute queen behavior! 👑

Airport fashion is something that fans look forward to seeing when their favorite idols travel abroad. When MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa showed up at the airport in casual wear without wearing a bra, netizens were buzzing about her uncommon choice of an airport outfit for idols.

While netizens had various reactions to her fashion, many female netizens supported her decision and expressed their hopes that the going “braless” would become a trend so women can feel more comfortable wearing clothes.

Some guessed that Hwasa may have been making a statement with her braless look after netizens criticized her for wearing only a bra to the airport a few days earlier.

After her airport fashion went viral, she responded simply to the matter.

I’ve always been natural and comfortable. It wasn’t really intentional. I was just being natural.

– Hwasa

Since then, she has gone “no bra” in other occasions, unbothered by the comments she has received from haters. What a queen!


Source: Dispatch and Mobidic