Here’s How Hwasa Responded When Asked About MAMAMOO’s Upcoming Contract Renewal

They have about 1.5 years left on their current contract.

MAMAMOO recently appeared on the popular variety show, Knowing Bros, where they shared some fun times with the cast and showed off their lovable humor.

On the show, MAMAMOO revealed that they’re entering their 6th year since they first debuted as a group.

In response, the Knowing Bros cast asked, “Isn’t your contract for 7 years?” and wondered about how much time they have left on their current contract.

MAMAMOO addressed this question by sharing, “We have about 2 years left. 1.5 years to be exact.

And in order to get more out of them, Lee Soo Geun added, “They’re going to be together forever. Why are you even asking this question?

In response, Hwasa made her stance very clear and said, “Of course. MAMAMOO is one entity” and drew particular attention while also raising anticipation.

Check out Hwasa’s confident answer to Lee Soo Geun’s question below:

Source: Insight


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