MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Henry Are So Comfortable Around Each Other They Bicker Like Real Siblings

The two of them exude peak sibling energy.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and Henry appeared in episode 393 of I Live Alone (also known as Home Alone), and we can’t get enough of their sibling energy.

Hwasa, Henry, and Kim Kwang Kyu | @henrylau89/Twitter

I Live Alone is a reality show featuring celebrities and their everyday lives. For episode 393, Hwasa and Henry are at actor Kim Kwang Kyu‘s house for a meal when they start bickering like siblings.

And in true sibling-esque fashion, they ignored Kwang Kyu’s request for them to stop arguing and continued to bicker.

Henry gave in first and suggested they make up, but Hwasa was having none of it.

They did eventually make up, but we couldn’t get enough of their sibling dynamic!