MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Loco Get Into A Compliment War As They Share What The Best Things About Working Together Are

They always have the softest and cutest interactions.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and beloved rapper Loco have released two new tracks together, and as always, they’re melting fans with their amazing talent and adorable interactions. The two appeared on Meenoi’s Yorizori to promote “Somebody” and “Lemon,” and they couldn’t stop complimenting each other the entire time.

When meenoi asked them what their first impressions of each other were, Loco said that he was already a fan of Hwasa, so meeting her felt unreal. In fact, the two of them were huge fans of each other, so when they were finally able to collaborate on their first song together, “Don’t,” their reactions were reflective of when fans met their idols for the first time.

Hwasa said that her impression of Loco has changed a lot since their first meeting and that she thinks Loco is a very sincere and kindhearted person.

Loco became shy at her compliments and immediately showered Hwasa with praise, only to be one-upped by Hwasa again.

Later on, meenoi asked, “What’s the best thing about working together?” While the duo interpreted the question as “What’s the best thing about each other,” Hwasa and Loco’s answers were still full of sweetness and a little fun.

Loco pointed out that Hwasa always looks after people, bringing gifts wherever she goes.

Of course, he couldn’t help but tease Hwasa a little, saying that since she loves to give gifts, he thought she would bring one for meenoi, but she hadn’t done so.

After the small tease, he continued to praise Hwasa, and his words show how much he appreciates and respects her.

She always takes care of people and puts them first before herself.

Hwasa couldn’t settle on a single best part of Loco, so she simply stated that she thought Loco was a really good person. While it might seem to be a generic compliment, it’s clear that Hwasa’s words hold a significant amount of admiration.

Hwasa also pointed out that Loco speaks very slowly, which is reassuring to her since she also takes a lot of time to piece together her words. While it’s a playful retaliation to Loco’s earlier teasing, it also highlights how comfortable the two are with each other and how their similarities encourage each other.

For more sweet interactions, check out the video here: