Hwasa Shows Refreshing Response to Malicious Comments Targeting Her Revealing Outfits

“She’s willing to strip to become famous.”

On a recent episode of SBS’s We Will Channel You!, Hwasa appeared as a guest and opened up about the public’s response regarding her revealing outfits.

Hwasa, who has shown to have both beauty and talent since her debut with MAMAMOO, has always been loved for her confident image, but some netizens have been firing criticisms toward the star.

Hwasa confessed, “Someone people see me and say things like ‘She’s willing to strip to become famous.’” But she added that since that’s not the case, she feels more confused by this opinion rather than being insulted.

Hwasa also explained, “I’ve always been the same since before I debuted, and I’m still the same person now. But since a certain time point, people started to have this opinion about me.


In response to the malicious comments she has received about her outfits, Hwasa said she understood why the public feel uncomfortable.

She confessed that she was surprised when she saw foreign people walking around in see-through tops with no bra but just a sticker. She added that this made her think, “Is this okay to do?

With how easy-going she is even in the face of malicious comments, it’s no wonder why she’s loved by so many fans.

Source: Insight