MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Proves That She Is The Sexy Queen

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa performance at KBS‘s 2016 Song Festival was nothing short of sexy.

She is the idol defying Korean beauty standards of petite figures, slim legs, and long dark hair. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa continues to win fans with her sultry stares and sexy performances.

MAMAMOO’s recent sexy performance of their tracks “You’re The Best” and “Décalcomanie” at KBS’s 2016 Song Festival reminded fans of her amazing stage presence. She left fans in awe, by appearing on stage in sexy thigh-high leather boots, a black sweater dress, and dark lipstick.

As the maknae of MAMAMOO, Hwasa doesn’t exude the usual cute image projected onto the youngest members. Instead, she is the mature and confident member of the group, unafraid to show off her sexy side.

Throughout the performance, Hwasa gave subtle winks and stares to the camera and showed off her amazing body. Extenuated by her sexy stage outfits, Hwasa left fans in awe of her amazing on-stage charisma as she is the undeniable stage stealer of the group.

Take a look at MAMAMOO’s full sexy performance below.