MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Is Totally Meant To Be A Professional Diva, Here’s Undeniable Proof

She was the first member in MAMAMOO to do this on stage.

When you think of top K-Pop celebrity MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, you’d think of her confident and powerful persona while she’s performing onstage, right?

Other MooMoos would also say that Hwasa’s an amazing role model because she has successfully influenced the beauty standards in the Korean entertainment scene.

Or if you’re one of her “soft” fans, maybe the first thing you’d think of is her reputation to be a certified foodie who always has the most tempting mukbang sessions?

If not, perhaps you’re thinking of her sexy stage outfits that manage to always set the stage on fire?


All of the mentioned traits are Hwasa’s unique characteristics that add conviction to the statement that Hwasa was really born to be a diva — but did you know that there’s another element that you may have missed?

This element was especially important during one of MAMAMOO’s stages where their backtrack was skipping. At first, MAMAMOO thought the issue would resolve on its own, but after a while, the backtrack eventually went off.

When this happened, all the members were shocked. Both Hwasa and Solar put their mics to their mouths to say something, but Hwasa broke the ice by saying “…wow”.

The members didn’t know what to do as they stood on the stage, seemingly frozen. Again, Hwasa stepped up and lightened the mood by hyping the crowd and telling them to make some noise.

The group realized that the backtrack issue wouldn’t be fixed anytime soon, so as real professionals, they just agreed to continue performing without any backtrack playing…

…and it was glorious. Their performance was still amazing, and by watching them, you could see that they really gave it all.

It was a great thing that Hwasa managed to smooth out everything just by stepping in and interacting with the audience, right?

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