Here’s Why Fans Think Hwasa Made a Tribute to JYP at M Countdown

Hwasa unleashed her inner JYP.

On February 14, photo time took place before the Mnet’s M Countdown rehearsals. Various K-pop groups participated including GFRIEND, ASTRO, and ITZY.

What drew particular attention was MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, who recently released her solo track, “Twit”, and the outfit she was wearing.

Hwasa sported a blue jumpsuit and wore a plastic attire on top. In addition, she pulled her hair up into a high ponytail and shocked fans with her unique look.

Many who saw this mentioned Park Jin Young and how he would have liked this look very much. Some even assumed that this was a tribute to Park Jin Young for a very simple reason.

Before Park Jin Young became the mega-producer he is today, he was a singer who was known for his unique fashion sense.

A look that many people go back to is when he wore plastic see-through pants over just his underwear and got banned from the music program for quite some time afterward.

He’s so well-known for this look that it’s no wonder fans are linking Hwasa’s eccentric look to the legendary JYP.

What do you think? Do you think Hwasa was inspired by JYP’s signature style? Who do you think pulled it off better? Hwasa or JYP?

Source: Insight