MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals How Wheein Once Protected Her On Stage

Wheein prevented a fashion disaster.

The MAMAMOO members always look after each other, but Hwasa will never forget this one particular time Wheein came to her rescue.


During her recent guest MC appearance on Happy Together, Hwasa was asked if there was anything she became known for in the past. She shocked the other MCs by revealing that she nearly became known for her breasts!


It all happened back in 2015. At the time, Hwasa often wore halter tops on stage because she liked the way they emphasized her shoulders.


Unfortunately, these tops turned out to be less secure than they were flattering. During a performance of “Mr. Ambiguous”, the top button of Hwasa’s halter top became undone, nearly causing her to flash the audience.


Like a true pro, Hwasa didn’t let this mishap interrupt the show. She continued to sing, while holding her shirt up.


Thankfully, Wheein noticed what had happened and was quick to save Hwasa from a truly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. While the members were lined up in a straight line, Wheein slipped behind Hwasa and fastened her button as fast as any stylist could.


To this day, Hwasa said she is thankful nothing happened. If it hadn’t been for Wheein, that one little button could have caused a disaster!


For more, check out the clip here.