MAMAMOO Hwasa’s “Mukbang” Sold Out This Dish All Over Korea

Hwasa is a real goddess… of Gopchang!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa went on the show I Live Alone and shared her most up close and personal self at home. Female viewers could not have related more to how she spent her day off!

Fans immediately fell in love with how down to earth and real Hwasa is…


… but when she chose “Gopchang (곱창, cattle intestines cooked similar to chitterlings)” for lunch, even the viewers weren’t quite sure. While “Gopchang” is a popular menu item in Korea, it is often shared among friends, over drinks, for dinner!


Of course, that didn’t stop Hwasa from exploring her favorite “Gopchang” spot and feasting alone.


Hwasa put on a “Mukbang (먹방, eating video)” as she cleared two orders of “Gopchang”, a pot of “Jeongol (전골, stew)”, and a pan of fried rice.

Little did she know, this “mukbang” segment alone sold out the menu all over Korea later that evening!


Viewers couldn’t just sit around and watch her eat anymore.


The restaurant where Hwasa throned herself the queen of “Gopchang” began trending on Instagram after visitors snapped pictures of the long line that formed outside.


Other restaurants all around Korea also tagged Hwasa, thanking her for selling out all their “Gopchang” ingredients!

“Sold Out: Thanks to Hwasa-unnie, we sold out all of our ingredients, sorry! We’ll prepare more tomorrow!”

“Thank you for today. We’ll be closing early because we sold out! #Ilivealone #Effect #Hwasa”

“Thanks to #Ilivealone #Hwasa, we had daebak #gopchang sales today.”


It is no surprise though. With a “Mukbang” like that, Hwasa could have sold out any menu. Watch her eat like a warrior and give zero f*cks about it here:

Source: Dispatch and Instiz