MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Performance Gains Attention For Her Ridiculously Sexy Moves

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa brings positive change to the general predisposition towards curvy body image with this jaw-dropping performance.

For many years now, the ideal body figure of a typical Korean beauty has long been set, with thin frames were considered beautiful and curves were left unappreciated. As such, many female idols have gone to great lengths to painstakingly maintain their figures with a variety of dieting methods, and some have even gone to various extremes to achieve the dream figure.

However, times are changing, and some idols are slowly revolutionizing the general public’s perception of what beautiful really is. During her solo performance at MAMAMOO’s recent concert, member Hwasa donned a figure-hugging nude-colored dress that complemented her curves, with a low V-shaped neckline and a layer of sheer fabric with a glimmer of sheen.

Belting out to Bon Jovi‘s “You Give Love a Bad Name” with her trademark sexiness, she was seen strutting moves and poses that made fans go wild with exhilaration. Her appealing curves have been met with positivity among fans, male and female alike. Fans have been praising her for her curves that does not conform to typical Korean beauty standards, and they are loving her for being unique and beautiful in her own way.

You can check out her hot moves from 2:56 onwards.