MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul And Solar Actually Get Into Fistfights When They Argue

“We don’t fight with words.”

It was revealed that MAMAMOO‘s Solar and Moonbyul argue so bad they get into fistfights!

It seems pretty unbelievable when you see how close they seem with each other, including Moonbyul making an appearance during one of Solar’s special vlogs in which she dated a fan, but it’s true and Hwasa confirmed it!

The hosts were shocked when Solar said, “We don’t fight with words saying, ‘You did this!’

We kick and throw punches.


Hwasa shared that she and Wheein have to jump in to pull them apart sometimes!

The hosts even joked that Solar and Moonbyul must have gotten into a fistfight earlier because Solar was wearing pain patches on her shoulders! She laughed it off saying her shoulders were stiff.

Naturally, everyone had questions about their fights…

… To which Solar explained that she and Moonbyul don’t allow things to build up between them, they fight right away!

After fighting like that we don’t hold grudges. We send pictures of puppies to each other.


Although they both have fiery personalities and may fight, they quickly makeup and don’t hold grudges.

They say being able to argue is a sign of closeness, so perhaps Solar and Moonbyul are just showing their closeness when they argue! What do you think?