MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Wore A See-Through Dress And Her Honest Reaction Was Too Pure For This World

Moonbyul says the dress is pretty, but her actions say otherwise.

In one of MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul‘s videos, she promised to have Hwasa as her stylist in the following episode. Hwasa obviously took the matter seriously and decided to dress Moonbyul using her personal fashion choices.

Considering that Hwasa favors clothes which show a little bit of skin…

…and Moonbyul likes clothes that show no skin at all, what types of clothing did she pick out for Moonbyul to wear?

After all, Moonbyul is known as “Conservative Moon” in the group, since she always makes a point to protect herself and her members from revealing too much skin while performing.

First choice: see-through dress. Moonbyul was obviously surprised with Hwasa’s choice, but she had no choice since she promised she’d wear what Hwasa has picked out for her.

For her bottom, Moonbyul was required to wear a tweed skirt. So far, both her top and bottom clothes show a bit of skin, but what about her accessories? Would a combination of socks and sneakers be okay?

Considering that Hwasa is a big fan of stockings, surely you know that her last choice to complete Moonbyul’s outfit would be stockings, right?

She didn’t just stop at random stockings, no, she chose net stockings to really bring out the sexy vibe into the whole outfit.

After changing clothes, Moonbyul looked shy and she kept covering her chest while she was talking.

She didn’t have a chance to look at the mirror yet, so when she did, her jaw actually dropped down and you could see how shocked she got while looking at herself.

She even said that she’ll just cover the revealing outfit with her hair, but Hwasa told her to tie it up instead.

This reaction is expected of Moonbyul — she loves boyish outfits and she looks completely comfortable with wearing clothes that are commonly worn by men, so when you tell her to wear a see-through dress, of course she’d be a little uncomfortable doing so.

Yes, she kept on saying that the clothes look pretty but she couldn’t believe how revealing they were: she couldn’t stop covering herself while wearing them.

At the end of the day, it seems like Moonbyul’s conviction still stands strong: she believes that anyone can be beautiful, even when they’re not wearing revealing clothes.

After all, fashion is subjective to personal tastes, don’t you think so?


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