MAMAMOO Proves That Their Live Vocals are Unbeatable

MAMAMOO has won the hearts of fans globally not only with their bright personalities but also with their unbelievable live vocals.

As one of the few girl groups with virtually no haters and a legion of fans from around the world, including an adorable 72-year-old American man, MAMAMOO continues to be the girl group to watch.

After they recently appeared on JBTC‘s Knowing Brother, MAMAMOO treated audiences to a live performance of Piano Man. They left everyone in the studio stunned by their amazing live performance.

Take a look at their amazing live performance below!

This wasn’t the first time MAMAMOO left the audience in awe with their amazing vocals. Take a look at some of MAMAMOO’s best live performances below.

Performing their own version of Wonderful Confession on KBS‘s Immortal Song, MAMAMOO stunned the audience as well as the hosts with their amazing live vocals and sexy performance.

MAMAMOO proved they have unbeatable live vocals once again when they appeared on comedian Kim Shin Young‘s radio show. They showcased their amazing vocals with a live rendition of their hit song “You’re The Best.”

Performing again on Immortal Song, MAMAMOO left audience amazed by their high energy performance and stunning vocals as they sang their own version of “Passion Flower.”

Performing live on MBC‘s Music Core, MAMAMOO impressed audiences with their amazing performance of “Mr. Ambiguous.” They also did a medley of hit songs including SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body,” BIGBANG‘s “Loser,” and EXID‘s “Up and Down.”

MAMAMOO continues to prove they are an unstoppable girl group!