MAMAMOO’s Solar Decided She’d Prepare the Most Ballin’ Gift for Korean Parents’ Day

“Young and Rich Solar” went all out for her parents.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently shared a video on her own YouTube account titled, “My Parents’ Reaction to a Cake That Spits out Money“.

The video shows Solar preparing one of the most popular gifts that “insiders” give their parents in order to surprise them on special occasions.

She began the video by putting all of the necessary materials on the table and proceeding to make the non-edible cake that would contain lots of money for her parents to pull out.

She also put a wad of cash on the table and said, “You can’t leave out money when making a money cake. So I prepared 1.5 million won (~$1500 USD) in 50,000 won bills.

Solar then decorated the fake cake, wrote a card, and rolled up the cash before inserting it in the cake.

When her parents arrived, Solar presented her gifts as well as her epic cake, and when they saw that money came out of it, they all burst into laughter.

Watch Solar make her money cake below:

Source: Insight