Solar Looked a Little Too Sexy for Her Own Good at MAMAMOO’s Recent Concert

She flew in the air shooting money out of a gun and ripped her shirt off after slaying BTS’s “FIRE”.

MAMAMOO recently performed at their independent concert in Seoul where each member graced their fans with solo performances filled with their own individual charms.

All four members put on spectacular performances but the one that stood out the most was that of Solar.

Solar showed up looking sexy in a tight outfit that showed off her figure and charisma.

She also performed powerful songs that were suiting of her look such as Beyonce‘s “Fever”, The Ting Tings‘ “Shut Up and Let Me Go”, and BTS‘s “FIRE”.

In addition to her sexy look, Solar also got everyone hyped up by nailing the intense choreographies of the songs.

Thanks to Solar’s stunning figure complimented by her bold outfit along with her powerful dance performances, the 7-minute video flies by leaving the viewer wanting more.

Check out Solar’s captivating solo performance below:

Source: Insight


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