Here Is What MAMAMOO’s Solar Eats In A Day While Doing An ‘Extreme Diet’ Ahead Of Her Comeback

“I’m going crazy.”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is busy preparing for her first solo comeback in over a year, 容 : FACE, and it seems like the struggle is real. She uploaded a vlog of her daily pre-comeback diet, and it looks difficult to say the least. Here is a rundown of what Solar’s daily diet looks like while she prepares for a comeback!

For breakfast (or brunch) Solar says she eats brown rice bars, explaining that eating two packs makes for a healthy and balanced diet.

This is because brown rice (or whole-grain rice) is healthier than white rice, and it will keep you full longer as well.

She does a quick run-through of the supplements she takes, which includes probiotics, vitamins, and zinc…

…but even so, dieting is not easy, especially when it’s as extreme as idols’ pre-comeback diets! Solar says that because of the diet she barely even has the energy to work out…

…although she still had an intense workout of 2.5 hours scheduled right before her dance practice. With no time to go eat in between all that, Solar’s go-to is a packed lunch consisting of more brown rice bars and protein.

After her long workout and dance session, Solar has her brown rice lunch. She explains that during comebacks and MV shoots, she prefers to eat simple foods, which is why she appreciates her healthy packaged brown rice bars. The rice bars come in four different flavors, all of them containing plenty of protein and nutrients.

As for dinner, Solar begins to prepare her dinner at 10pm. When she is on a diet, her dinner consists of a mere 3 cherry tomatoes, 7 blueberries, and some Greek yogurt.

It definitely does not sound like a lot, and Solar knows this! She explains that, when it comes to comebacks, she often feels like she doesn’t have enough time to lose weight, so she ends up starving herself to expedite the process. It’s not good, but the pressure on her remains.

While it’s encouraging that she’s getting the nutrients she needs, this extreme diet is clearly very difficult for her, as evidenced by some moments during the vlog…

…so it’s impressive that she is still able to workout and dance as much as she does. Hopefully standards will continue to change so that health and well-being becomes the main priority! If you’re interested in watching Solar’s full vlog you can see it in the link below.