MAMAMOO’s Solar Experienced Some Major Culture Shock In The Philippines

She had no idea what was happening.

Solar of MAMAMOO shared her culture shock experiences abroad in Cebu, Philippines with her members during an online broadcast — and her experience definitely was shocking to someone who isn’t a local!

She started by describing the time she was riding a jeepney, an open air bus which is a popular means of Philippine transportation and unique to their culture.

Since this was her first ride, she was confused on how much to pay and looked for help from a western person who was getting on with her.

To her surprise, he started speaking very quickly in Tagalog! She had no idea that he could speak so fluently and learned it was only after living their for an extended period of time that he’s able to communicate like this.

Luckily, she got the help she needed and was able to pay. But suddenly, she realized something else was happening: Right when the jeepney started moving, two kids jumped on the back of it!

Since the jeepney is like a small bus, they were able to hold onto the back while it was being driven.

It’s a small bus that has only bars. Without walls … You know, the vehicles on TV. They were hanging onto the bars. Outside!

— Solar

Solar couldn’t believe they were hanging outside and couldn’t take her eyes off of them. She had never seen anything like this before.

Suddenly, one of the kids started to beatbox. The MAMAMOO members laugh in disbelief.

She explains that the other kid began to rap in Tagalog, and Solar was seriously impressed with their skills.

Solar learned that this is a common thing in the Philippines, where teenagers would rap on the jeepney for money. It provides a lively experience that is unique to Philippine culture, and part of what makes the jeepney so symbolic.

Her experience gave her a cool peak into Philippine life, and fans find it adorable.

The way she [described] it is so accurate. Still can’t believe Yongsun experienced our daily lives here in Cebu with the jeepney rappers.

— MooMoo on Twitter


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