MAMAMOO’s Solar And Hwasa Look Dangerously Sexy In New Bikini Pictorials (10+ Photos)

They look absolutely stunning and ready for summer!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar and Hwasa were featured on the June issue of “DAZED”, where they looked gorgeous and ready to enjoy the sun in their summer beach bodies!


Hwasa donned a sporty red bikini that perfectly matched her fiercely sexy attitude!


Solar showed off her own style of sexy with a black bikini of the same model!


The ladies looked absolutely stunning as they posed gracefully for the pictorial.


They showed off a different type of bikinis as they sported a high waist.


Hwasa topped it off with a twisted shirt that accentuated her curves.


And Solar chose a cropped, zip-up rash guard for her own look!


Fans literally couldn’t get enough of Solar’s gorgeous visuals…

  • “Solar literally has no faults on her body.”
  • “Solar is so pretty you can’t help but look at her again and again.”
  • “Solar is so pretty! Please be mine~”


And they literally died at how sexy Hwasa looked in the photoshoot!

  • “Hwasa’s body line is crazy!”
  • “It’s no wonder everyone’s crazy about Hwasa.”
  • “Wow… Hwasa is literally the best. I can see why she’s popular… I can see it just from the pictures.”


MAMAMOO’s Solar and Hwasa are definitely ready to get you excited for summer!

Source: Nate Pann