MAMAMOO’s Solar Recommends Rinsing Your Mouth with Kimchi Stew After Having In-N-Out Burger

You can take the girl out of Korea, but you can’t take the Korea out of the girl.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently shared a YouTube video of her eating In-N-Out Burger in LA.

Solar explained, “I’m in LA for K-CON. Since I’m in LA, I’m going to do an eating show with In-N-Out Burger.

Once she started her eating show, Solar shared, “The milkshake is too sweet. But the roasted onion fries are good. It might give you onion breath though.

She then proceeded to eat the burger as she confessed, “This burger is thick. Good thing I have a big mouth. But the flavor’s too strong. It’s really sweet and salty.

For that reason, Solar pulled out the Kimchi stew that she had packed and made everyone burst into laughter.

She had a taste of the Kimchi stew and announced, “This is the perfect combination. I recommend everyone to try In-N-Out Burger. But you should have Kimchi stew as dessert.

Check out the full footage of Solar’s unique recommendation below:


Source: Dispatch