MAMAMOO’s Solar And Moonbyul Bicker Over How Moonbyul Invites Herself Over To Hang Out With Solar’s Family Too Much — Without Solar

“I have great chemistry with your mom” — Moonbyul

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul appeared as a guest on fellow member Solar‘s YouTube channel, solarsido, to promote her new solo album. The result, of course, was plenty of hilarious bickering. In fact, they proved just how sibling-like their relationship is by revealing that Solar’s biggest pet peeve about Moonbyul is how much she loves to spend time with Solar’s family—without Solar!

The divulgence of pet peeves began with Solar’s MBTI segment, the first question of which was from Solar to Moonbyul, saying “Why do you come over…when I’m not home?” Moonbyul had the best answer.

| solarsido/YouTube 

After bickering for a bit about their desire for privacy (aka for keeping each other out of their apartments), Solar asked why Moonbyul always comes over in the first place, and Moonbyul hilariously said she has no particular reason. Solar tried to point out that Moonbyul must feel uncomfortable hanging out in a place that isn’t her own…

…but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for Moonbyul!

The two of them went on to exhibit some chaotic sibling-energy while arguing about how Moonbyul’s hate of planning always results in plenty of issues over food orders…

…an argument that hilariously culimanted in no resolution whatsoever.

Moonbyul also shared that her pet peeve about Solar is how Solar always leaves her on read…

…yet is unforgiving when Moonbyul does it to her. Solar admitted that Moonbyul was right.

But then they came back full circle when Solar shared her next pet peeve, which is that Moonbyul spends a lot of time in Solar’s apartment with her family…when Solar isn’t there.

Solar once again insisted that it must be uncomfortable on some level, since it’s not Moonbyul’s own space or family, but Moonbyul replied that it actually feels very homey to her to hang out there.

In fact, Moonbyul hilariously revealed that she actually loves spending time with Solar’s mom, with whom she has great chemistry!

They even watch dramas together, and if that isn’t the ultimate family vibe then we don’t know what is. Solar discussed this situation as a pet peeve of hers in this episode, but the fact that Moonbyul feels so comfortable in Solar’s place and with her family proves how close their friendship is. They may be chaotic siblings who bicker a lot, as this hilarious interview shows, but they have a genuinely wholesome bond!

You can watch the episode in full below.