MAMAMOO’s Solar Was Real Disappointed After Learning What One “Fan” Did With Her Limited Edition Bag

Solar couldn’t contain her disappointment.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar expressed her disappointment when she found one of her limited-edition bags online.

On her YouTube post, Solar shared a screenshot from an online community.

The photo showed Solar’s birthday waist bag being resold on a second-hand website for 60,000 won (~$50 USD).

This bag was specially made on Solar’s birthday, and she made it a limited edition item that required pre-ordering beforehand.

After seeing that a fan put it on a second-hand website to resell for a higher price, Solar expressed, “Did you buy it just to do this?

The reason why she was disappointed was that she helped in designing the bag herself so that she could share it with fans.

Furthermore, the original price of the bags was 25,000 won (~$20 USD), meaning the seller jacked up the price big time.

Some of the netizens’ comments to the incident include, “I really don’t understand when people take other people’s sincerity and effort and try to make a profit from it” and “There’s really no answer to people like this“.