MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals The Relatable Reason Why She Never Wants To Meet BoA

“…my feelings for her are so great.”

On a recent episode of the Cultwo Show, MAMAMOO‘s Solar updated fans on her life. “I recently got a license for a large trailer because I wanted to drive a camping car. When I saw the car, it was so big that I was surprised. Driving gives me muscle pain. I am actually pretty busy, but I made time to get it. I’m the type of person who overworks themselves.”

Solar also revealed that she has been a fan of BoA for most of her life. “I’m a real fan of BoA. I like her so much, and I think she’s really cool. I’ve seen everything she’s done since she has appeared on Japanese broadcasts. I also studied Japanese for a while because of her. I even memorized all of her songs.”

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She adds to that by confessing her fears of meeting the idol.

“I’ve never seen her though. I really really want to see her, but I also don’t want to because my feelings for her are so great that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”

Ah, a feeling most fans can relate to.

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Brian of Fly to the Sky, who was also a guest, commented “I think Solar has a similar vibe to BoA’s during her younger days. I think it would be fun for BoA and Solar to meet on the Cultwo Show.”

How exciting would a BoA-Solar interaction be?!