MAMAMOO’s Solar Thought Jessi Was Intimidating At First — And Now They Hilariously Bicker Over Whether That’s Still True Or Not

Their cute friendship has come a long way!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar returned to Jessi‘s Showterview to talk about her new album, 容 : FACE, which has already topped the iTunes Album Chart in over 20 countries. This is the second time Solar makes an appearance on the show, as she was actually the very first person to film for Showterview!

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Two years later, Jessi couldn’t help pointing out how much Solar has changed. Little did she know the reason why is because, having gotten to know Jessi better, Solar no longer thinks she’s intimidating! During the interview, Solar she wrote down was a smiley face as one of the keywords to describe herself, the reason being that she sees herself as someone who smiles a lot.

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But then, Jessi hilariously pointed out that Solar used to not smile much when they had their first interview at the beginning of the show, saying “You look happier now!

Except, Solar feels like she’s always been a smiling person. In a hilarious revelation, Solar claimed that the reason why she smiled less the first time she came on Showterview was because she found Jessi a little intimidating…and Jessi’s reaction was priceless.

Solar explained that she felt nervous at that time, but since then she’d come to get to know Jessi’s sweet side…

…allowing her to feel more comfortable with her now. Hearing that made Jessi feel super touched!

But Jessi was by no means done with the topic. At the end of the episode, long after they’d moved on, Jessi brought out a lie detector and hilariously asked Solar to prove whether she still felt intimidated or not.

Solar took the test, insisting the whole time that she felt completely comfortable with Jessi now. And when the machine proved her right, they broke out into hilariously chaotic bickering.

If there’s one thing that’s clear is that the two of them get along really well! Not only because of Solar’s more open attitude around Jessi, but because their hilariously chaotic banter proves they are comfortable with each other now. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the full clip on the link below!