MAMAMOO Pick The “Squid Game” Characters They Would Play, And They Couldn’t Be More Different

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There is no denying that Netflix‘s new K-Drama Squid Game is taking over the world. Despite the dark storyline and violent nature, it has captured the hearts of fans worldwide and opened the imagination of viewers with its outgoing and sometimes unbelievable sets. It seems that even idols are falling in love with the game!

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Recently, MAMAMOO sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss everything from music, performances, and much more.

In particular, they were asked what outfit they would choose if they had to go to a Halloween party. Thinking of the success of the K-Drama, Moonbyul suggested that they all dress up as Squid Game characters.

Solar was the first to pick her character choice, and rather than a specific character, she picked “The Square.” Not only is it one of the symbols on the calling card, but it is one of the shapes seen on the masks of the managers.

As the group leader, there is no denying that Solar would be the perfect person to keep the participants in line. However, it would definitely be a shame with her dazzling visuals if she had to wear a mask.

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Moonbyul was next, and she picked the character played by Lee Byung Hun, and there is no denying it would be perfect!

In the show, he plays the mysterious Front Man, who seems to be in control of the games the participants have to play. It also seems like she wants the chance to be in charge, and if she is the Front Man, then she will get to be the boss rather than Solar!

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When it was the turn of the maknaes Hwasa and Wheein, they both preferred to choose to be one of the participants. Wheein picked the iconic Sae Byeok, played by Jung Ho Yeon.

There is no denying that they are both true visuals, and Wheein would perfectly play the part of one of the main badass characters! She will definitely give the other characters a run for their money with her fire, sass, and determination!

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Hwasa also chose a participant but went for Player 001, known as Ilnam. The old man captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with his charisma, determination, and passion.

These are all characteristics Hwasa has and, despite the age difference, would be the perfect fit for the group’s maknae.

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With Halloween just around the corner, could MAMAMOO fans be treated to a special dance practice video with the members dressed as Squid Game characters? You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Access Hollywood

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