MAMAMOO’s Wheein Wasn’t Ready To Hear How Many Kids Apink’s Bomi Plans To Have

Bomi couldn’t resist laughing after seeing Wheein’s reaction.

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein appeared in episode four of Apink‘s Bomi‘s web series Idol Bomi. The two bonded over their shared experiences as K-Pop idols and even laughed about their different perspectives on marriage and children.


Immediately after Bomi asked Wheein, “Do you want to get married?” the latter rejected the idea with a firm, “No.

Wheein said, “I don’t really want to get married,” revealing that it wasn’t something she was interested in. Bomi’s reaction was the complete opposite.

Not only did Bomi want to get married, she’d already planned on having “so many kids.

Although the moment was brief, Wheein’s shock showed on her face as she yelped in surprise.Β Both of them burst into laughter as Bomi imitated her reaction.

Proving she wanted a big family, Bomi revealed that four children was the most she wanted to have. She shocked Wheein once more by sharing her wish to have twins.

I want at least two kids. And if my body can stand it, I want three to four kids. I want to have them fast.

If I could have twins, I want to give birth to two at once. And one more time for two more.

— Bomi

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