MAMAMOO’s Wheein shares tender moment with hearing-impaired fan

Fans of MAMAMOO‘s Wheein know that her love and kindness are without boundaries, and her actions at a recent fan signing event are proof of that!

MAMAMOO has virtually no haters, and Wheein, in particular, has been standing out recently. Fans captured Wheein speaking in sign language with a fan who has a hearing disability. The interaction took place at a fan signing event on November 16th at the Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam.

In the video, Wheein greets her fan with a bright smile. She listens attentively, then gracefully responds in sign language. She also made sure to mouth her words to allow her fan to read her lips. This impressive display of knowledge, etiquette, and kindness shows just how lovable she is.

Moomoos (MAMAMOO’s fan club) were touched by Wheein’s kindness and compassion. Her ability to communicate in sign language plus her overall perfection have earned her much praise from her adoring fans.

MAMAMOO is the sweetest. What have the lovely ladies of MAMAMOO done to capture your heart? Let us know in the comments below!