MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Has 6 Tattoos, And Here’s Exactly What They All Mean

Hwasa’s profile pic in Instagram is her friendship tattoo with Wheein. Its meaning will make you love them more.

As MooMoos know, three of MAMAMOO‘s members have tattoos. Only Solar is opposed to getting them.

The group’s maknae Hwasa recently joined Instagram, and her profile photo is one of her friendship tattoos with Wheein.

In celebration of this amazing development, let’s talk about Hwasa’s existing tattoos and what they all mean in her life.

Tattoo #1: Maria

This one’s a no-brainer, because Hwasa’s baptismal name is Maria.

Hwasa says she’s influenced by both Christianity and Buddhism, because of her family.

Tattoo #2: “Paradise is where you are”

This is a positive quote, perhaps a tribute to Hwasa’s love for travel. After all, she tries to squeeze in travel time whenever MAMAMOO gets a break.

Tattoo #3: Triquetra

The triquetra, also called The Trinity Knot, is a triangular figure composed of three interlaced arcs. It originally represents the three life-cycles of a woman, as it relates to the phases of the moon.

Another meaning that’s significant in the modern times is it’s recognized as a symbol for “The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit” in religion.

Tattoo #4: Resonance

This is one of her friendship tattoos with her best friend Wheein.

Resonance, in music, means a musical tone is enriched with supplementary vibration — perhaps this means she thinks her life is better because she and Wheein complement each other.

Tattoo #5: Caddo 

This is what Hwasa and Wheein got inked on their necks as a celebration of their 10th anniversary as best friends.

“Caddo” is a Southeastern Native American tribe, but the two consider its meaning to be “someone who carries your sorrows on her back”.

Tattoo #6: Resonant and Planetary

This is Hwasa’s latest tattoo, as it was just shown to the public this year.

You can check out the meanings of these new tattoos in this visual guide: