MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Was Asked To Choose Between Rihanna And Wheein…And Her Honest Answer Is Totally Unexpected

Solar couldn’t help but be disappointed with her first answer.

The deep friendship between MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and Wheein is unlike any friendship you’ve seen in the K-Pop world before.

Since the two have been childhood best friends ever since middle school, their bond is extremely close — even closer than their own family, as they would often say.

After all, the duo went to Seoul to pursue their dream of becoming a K-Pop idol, right?

But will the story change if Hwasa’s ultimate idol, Rihanna, is brought into the picture?

If you thought that you’ll never know the answer to this, you thought wrong, because during one of their fan-meetings, the subject of choosing between Wheein and Hwasa had already been brought up…

…and Hwasa actually answered.

To set the mood, Moonbyul started off by confirming Hwasa’s admiration towards Rihanna. Naturally, Hwasa immediately answered.

Moonbyul started off by asking Hwasa which she’s rather attend: MAMAMOO’s inauguration ceremony, or Rihanna’s concert?

Without missing a beat, Hwasa chose to attend Rihanna’s concert.

Solar couldn’t believe Hwasa’s answer so she playfully teased Hwasa and showed off her “disappointment”.

Wheein’s curiosity got the better of her, so she asked Hwasa to choose once again: would she attend Wheein’s solo concert, or Rihanna’s concert?

Hwasa couldn’t believe what Wheein just asked her, so she took a moment to breathe and compose herself…

…but Solar and Moonbyul couldn’t wait anymore, so they started a countdown.

In the end, Hwasa proved that her friendship with Wheein is her priority as she answered that she’ll go to Wheein’s solo concert instead.

How totally unexpected was that?

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