MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Defends Her “No Bra” Fashion And Shuts Down Haters

She’s confident in her own skin.

MAMAMOO recently returned to the K-Pop scene with their energetic track “Hip”.

In their November 14 showcase, Hwasa addressed questions regarding her “provocative” no-bra fashion.

She previously came to the airport in a braless white t-shirt which caused a subsequent uproar in Korea.

During the showcase, she responded simply to the matter.

I’m dressing comfortably.

– Hwasa

Fans praised Hwasa for her openness and confidence. They liked how she’s willing to go against norms while staying “unbothered” by the hate.

They even pointed out that a part in the music video of “Hip” could have been MAMAMOO’s way to address the airport controversy.

What a queen!

Source: Nate


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