MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Doesn’t Care About Who’s The Oldest, When It Comes To Cooking

Hwasa even held Solar’s hand back, just to stop her from doing something unusual.

While filming for one episode of ShowtimeMAMAMOO members were asked about the types of food they consider as “health food”. Solar talked about her love for tteokbokki, while Wheein considered samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) as the food that gives her strength.

Sensing that the group will be asked to cook, Solar talked about how Hwasa used to cook during their pre-debut years.

And with that, the team was divided into two: Team Samgyetang and Team Kimchi Fried Rice.

At first, Hwasa joked around with Wheein and played with the chicken for a while…

…but when it came to preparing the chicken for cooking, she got down to business and showed everyone her serious side.

Hwasa and Wheein didn’t have any difficulty in preparing the samgyetang, so Moonbyul was surprised that the two were already done — they were just waiting for the chicken to boil.

Hwasa showed her mature side once again when she decided to cook for the group since all of them were already hungry. The samgyetang wasn’t cooked yet, and the rice for the kimchi fried rice wasn’t ready yet, so she started making an egg dish.

Hwasa started to get ingredients from Solar’s side so Solar protested since the ingredients she prepared were to be used for the fried rice. Still, since Hwasa wanted to eat already, she continued cooking with the ingredients she managed to get.

While she was putting salt into the egg mixture, Solar protested once again and told Hwasa that she already put too much salt, but Hwasa countered her and said that it was necessary to put enough salt into the mixture for flavor.

Once the egg was cooked, all four of them had their snack. Afterwards, Solar started making her own version of the kimchi fried rice, but she needed another seasoning: sugar. Hwasa couldn’t believe what she heard…

…she strongly protested and even held Solar’s hand to stop her, but in the end, Moonbyul got in the middle of the argument and told Hwasa to allow Solar to put just a little bit of sugar to humor her.

By looking at their interaction, you would think that Solar was the maknae and Hwasa was the oldest in the group, don’t you think?

Lesson learned from this moment: when it comes to food, Hwasa is the ultimate queen.