MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Ends An Argument Between Solar And Moonbyul In The Most Genius Way Possible

Shout out Hwasa for thinking so quick on her feet.

While backstage during the final broadcast for “gogobebe”, the members of MAMAMOO got into a bit of an argument over how long they promoted “Starry Night”. While Solar said they promoted for 3 weeks, Moonbyul insisted they promoted for 4 weeks.


Solar repeated that they promoted for 3 weeks and Moonbyul playfully shot back with “4”. Hwasa then decided to end the argument by starting a counting game. When Solar said “3,” and Moonbyul argued “4,” Hwasa butted in with “5.”

Wheein immediately caught on and chimed in with “6”. The girls stopped arguing and Moonbyul and Solar both participated in the counting game until Hwasa ended with “10,” becoming the winner.

There are many variations of Korean counting games, but the rules for MAMAMOO’s version seem to be that the group counts to 10 with each person (at random) saying a number, and whoever says “10” wins. The main rule of the game is usually that two people can’t say the same number or both are eliminated.

An example of friends playing a counting game

MAMAMOO’s bond is so strong and this clearly wasn’t a serious argument at all, but that doesn’t make Hwasa’s save any less impressive! Watch Hwasa being MAMAMOO’s knight in shining armor as well as the rest of the behind the scenes shenanigans on the full MMMTV episode below: