MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals She Had To Drastically Lose An Incredible Amount Of Weight Before Her Debut

Her friend cried after seeing her suffer through weight loss.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa confessed on I Live Alone that she lost an incredible amount of weight just mere months before she officially debuted.

Hwasa went on a picnic trip with her long-time best friend, Choi Soo Jung. During the car ride, Soo Jung recalled the difficult times that they faced as trainees.

When we were trainees we couldn’t even afford a roll of kimbap.

When you debuted, I was amazed by how you trained so hard. You were so determined to lose weight and become a successful artist.

— Choi Soo Jung

She confessed that she cried so much while watching Hwasa’s debut stage. She was emotional over Hwasa’s debut but also by the fact that Hwasa lost an incredible amount of weight for her debut.

I saw MAMAMOO’s debut stage. When I saw it, I honestly cried. I cried because – aside from the emotions of seeing your debut – I saw that you debuted after losing a drastic amount of weight.

I remember you weighed about 45kg when you debuted. You looked so skinny. It made me cry. I was so upset. It made me wonder how much you suffered in order to lose all that weight.

— Choi Soo Jung

Hwasa explained that she used to weigh around 133lbs but lost 33lbs in order to debut.

I used to weigh around 60kg. I lost 15kg in about 2 to 3 months.

— Hwasa

Hwasa continues to prove that she will do anything in order to achieve her dreams. And thankfully, she won’t be going on drastic diets anytime soon as she was seen enjoying a healthy amount of food at the picnic with her friend!