MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Had The Best Response After Staff Made An Assumption About Her “Conservative” Fashion

It was also a message for the haters!

In the past, many fans have dubbed MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul as “Conservative Moon” or “Conservative Byul.” Yet, it has nothing to do with her political stance, but because of the fact that she has revealed that she is not fond of wearing revealing clothes for fear that she may unintentionally expose herself.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul | @mo_onbyul/ Instagram

Yet, sometimes many K-Pop fans take that nickname and believe that it is the only way to define Moonbyul as an artist, which is not true!

Moonbyul recently appeared alongside OH MY GIRL‘s Hyojung and Binnie on the DUM DUM STUDIO YouTube Channel. During the video, Moonbyul was given several different scenarios and they had to pick between the options.

One of the first questions was whether Moonbyul hated shouting in a public space or wearing an indecent outfit more. Rightly so, Moonbyul pointed out that people are free to wear whatever they wish, whereas she wasn’t a fan of loud noises.

The next question also seemed to be trying to play on Moonbyul’s nickname as they asked her if she would rather wear sleeveless shirts or miniskirts for the rest of her life.

It seems as if both the staff and the other idols seemed surprised when Moonbyul picked that she would choose to wear miniskirts. She pointed out that, as well as being able to take them off at home, she has started to wear skirts a lot more on television shows.

When one of the girls joked that the staff obviously didn’t do their research, Moonbyul had a response to anyone who has this assumption about what they think she always wears.

I don’t stick to pants these days. I think old people have that prejudice… sorry, I didn’t mean to speak hard facts.

— Moonbyul

After years of being put in this bubble of what people expect, her comments were not just to the staff but netizens who criticized her for how she dresses and expects certain things from her clothes.

In reality, it shouldn’t matter what Moonbyul wears or whether it is deemed conservative or not. All that matters is that she feels comfortable and confident in her clothes! You can watch the whole video below.