MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Explains The Reason For Her “Naughty Hands” Habit

Moonbyul’s “naughty hands” embarrassed her when she accidentally did it to a radio DJ.

During one of their radio guestings, MAMAMOO members were asked to talk about the concerns of one of their listeners.

Solar started to read the problem of the listener…

…and as she was reading, Hwasa blurted out Moonbyul‘s nickname.

The writer of the problem thinks that patting her friends and family on the butt is normal, sure, but sometimes she couldn’t help but do the same thing to strangers.

She ended her letter by asking if there’s a solution for her problem.

Moonbyul started to respond by saying that she can relate to the listener’s problem.

Solar argued by saying that Moonbyul does that to only people she knows, but Moonbyul said she made a mistake one time and accidentally did it to a radio DJ.

What did she do, specifically? She touched Park Kyung Lim‘s stomach while taking a picture with her!

Talking from her own experience, Moonbyul said that it’s embarrassing, but there’s also a solution for the problem: find out the cause for doing skinship in the first place.

For Moonbyul, it’s because:

Moonbyul believes that this habit is like a battle with yourself: find out the cause, and once you know what the cause is, you can fix this habit.

And well, no one says you have to be perfect everyday, right?