MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul And Krystal Jung Has One Thing In Common Whenever They’re Featured On Videos

It seems like Moonbyul and Krystal actually have something in common.

It’s a well-known fact in the MAMAMOO fandom that MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul idolizes Krystal Jung.

MooMoos even jokingly teased Moonbyul by screaming Krystal’s name when Moonbyul’s ideal type was asked during an interview.

Moonbyul could also be seen grinning from ear to ear when she saw that a fan had gifted her with f(x)‘s album with Krystal’s photo card– this is how much she adores this vocalist.

Now, even though Moonbyul hasn’t personally met Krystal yet, it seems like their connection is a bit closer, considering that they’re both famous artists in the K-Pop entertainment scene.

And also, Moonbyul may be delighted to find out that she has something in common with her idol.

It’s what they usually do whenever they’re featured as guests in the videos of their friends…

…or siblings.

For example, in Moonbyul’s case, she is frequently featured in MAMAMOO’s leader Solar‘s video in her YouTube channel, Solarsido. Because of this, she’s been referred to as “Colleague 1”.

She’s been featured so much that in one of her Instagram posts, Moonbyul has this to say:

At this rate, should I be given a share from Solarsido?

– Moonbyul

Krystal also has the same energy whenever she’s featured in her sister Jessica‘s vlogs at Jessica Land.

It’s natural for a younger sibling to ask the older one to buy them something…

…but Krystal decided to push her luck by jokingly asking Jessica to pay her for appearing in her vlog.

She also repeated her question on the same vlog just to tease her older sister.

Moonbyul will be happy to find out that she has something in common with Krystal — just check out the next article below to see how much of a Krystal fan she really is!

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