MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Reveals That She Had A Serious Health Concern After A Doctor Overdosed Her With Steroids

This is the first time Moonbyul has revealed this story.

During a recent live broadcast, MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul decided to share a story that she had never revealed before. She revealed that in the past, she was dealing with some severe body pain due to an injury. Due to the pain, Moonbyul ended up going to the hospital and got injected with steroids, which helped with the pain.

However, Moonbyul ended up going to get a few more injections of steroids within the same week due to her having a performance. This was a big mistake, as she revealed that it wasn’t a safe dosage, as the appropriate dose for steroids is two injections a month.

This meant that Moonbyul was given an overdose of steroids.

Moonbyul ended up getting rashes all over her body due to the steroid overdose. Aside from her face, her body was full of pimple-like rashes.

She even had to get scar treatment due to how severe the damage was to her body.

Moonbyul also had a tough time hiding her rashes during that time, as it was everywhere on her body. She explains that she ended up wearing high collars during that time to hide her condition.

While Moonbyul has now totally recovered from the rashes, she urged her fans to be careful when it comes to steroid injections. Since the incident, Moonbyul has stopped taking steroid injections.

Moonbyul also doesn’t blame the hospital or doctors for what happened, as she felt that it was her fault for not being careful.

There’s more in the full video below!