MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul And Solar Explain Why They Both Didn’t Like Each Other When They First Met

Solar told herself not to get close to Moonbyul when Moonbyul did this to her.

If you are a MooMoo, you’re definitely familiar with how close MAMAMOO‘s Solar and Moonbyul are with each other.

During their holiday, the duo went to Vietnam in the past to spend time with each other and explore the country’s culture and eat delicious food together.

Solar even jokingly called Moonbyul as her “boyfriend” during one of their live broadcasts.

But did you know that these two had less-than-pleasant first impressions of each other?

In a radio interview from Jungyeop’s Power Stage LIVE, the oldest members of MAMAMOO shared what their first impressions of each other were when they initially met.

Solar said she didn’t like Moonbyul at first.

She recalled their first meeting: one day, the trainees were supposed to bring heels but Moonbyul didn’t bring her pair of heels with her.

Someone asked if anyone could lend a pair to Moonbyul. Solar said that she had heels so she would let Moonbyul borrow them from her.

Solar was a bit taken aback when Moonbyul didn’t return the heels that she borrowed.

The memory of their first meeting was so clear to Solar that she even shared it during their appearance at tvN‘s show, Life Bar.

She’s younger than me, and it was our first meeting. But as soon as she saw me, she was pointing at me and using informal language.

– Solar talking about Moonbyul

Solar got angry at Moonbyul for doing this, but then when they met again, Moonbyul told Solar that she thought Solar was younger than she was…so her anger vanished.

Moonbyul then went on to say that she didn’t like Solar when they first met, too.

It was the same day when Solar lent her the heels.

When taking a picture, a staff member ordered us to “act like good friends”. She hugged me from behind and I thought, “What is she doing??”

– Moonbyul talking about when she first met Solar

Moonbyul found it weird how Solar easily hugged her back then, but now she’s the one who usually initiates skinship with her members.

Looking at their interactions now, you wouldn’t imagine that these two got off to a rough start, would you?

Source: Jungyeop\'s Power Stage LIVE translation