MAMAMOO’s Solar Revealed Which Member Is The Best To Shop With And Why

No wonder she has great style!

Along in her latest 1st Look Magazine photoshoot, MAMAMOO‘s Solar made a guest appearance in Please Take Of My Closet.

Solar was asked several interesting questions about her style, her shopping habits, and her fashion role models. She was then questioned about which member is her best shopping mate and why.

Without hesitation, Solar replied that her best shopping mate was none other than Moonbyul.

Moonbyul is the best to shop with among MAMAMOO members. We have a completely different style, like completely. It doesn’t overlap, kind of. When we find something, we can give each other an advice on the 3rd person point of view.

— Solar

Many fans can agree with this as Moonbyul has been recognized to have a cool tomboy style while Solar has a more chic and girly appeal. Fans have noticed their style difference on and off stage.

The previous question was what Solar’s shopping style was like to which Solar revealed that though she is careful with purchases, she gives in after some thought to the item in question.

Because Solar mentioned Moonbyul as her best shopping mate, she was asked whether Moonbyul was “also careful in making purchases?

Solar took a moment to reply, but she soon shook her head and said “nope.”

Check out the whole interview below: