MAMAMOO’s Solar Cried On Television While She Was Talking About Her Relationship With Hwasa

She and Hwasa hugged each other and cried together during this celebration.

During an episode of  tvN’s Life Bar with MAMAMOO as its guests, Solar opened up about her relationship with Hwasa and even cried while talking about it on television.


Solar started to talk about her struggles when she was assigned by the company to be MAMAMOO’s leader.

I had never done it before, so I didn’t know what to do.

– Solar

Because she didn’t know how to be a good leader back then, Solar said that she used to be really strict when dealing with her members.

She continued by saying that she used to scold her members because she simply copied what she saw older girls did on television.

Solar started to tear up when she looked back and realized that in the past, she rarely complimented the other members…

…especially Hwasa.

Hwasa then opened up that she and Solar used to have conflicts in the past because of this.

We have had conflicts because of that. I didn’t know at that time that she also needs help. But now I understand it all.

– Hwasa

Solar continued by saying that because she couldn’t express her feelings very well, when she expressed her anger to Hwasa, Hwasa asked Solar if she hated her.

Solar admitted to feeling heartbroken when Hwasa asked her that question.

With tears in her eyes, Solar recalled how she felt remorse — when Hwasa’s song “Twit” went to number one, Solar remembered how “harsh” she was with Hwasa and she felt sorry that she cried when she congratulated Hwasa on her win.

They both cried and held each other. Hwasa said it’s because they understood each other at the same time.

We understood even without speaking.

– Hwasa

Here’s a touching moment between the two, as captured by a hidden camera.

Look at how proud Solar is of Hwasa — she looked like she wanted to cry out of joy.

This moment just goes to show how close MAMAMOO members really are with each other.

Watch the full video below.