MAMAMOO’s Solar Reacts To Hater Comments… With Kindness

Killing haters with kindness.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is known for her bubbly personality and bright smile that could fill anyone with joy.

That doesn’t mean that she has been 100% free from malicious comments, so she decided to react to them in the friendliest way that she could think of. That she should react to them calmly and kindly, without losing her cool.

The comments started with basic criticisms of her outfits and fashion choices.

Solar wasn’t too disturbed by the comment and chose to respond cooly and with a smile.

She even responded to past comments she’s gotten about her makeup and when she went to the airport without any on.

The comments got harsher and more personal as she kept reading them. The comments even started to criticize her dancing and singing skills, but Solar still chose to respond calmly and as positively as she could.

That doesn’t mean that the comments weren’t getting her a little flustered and her heartbeat reflected this as well.

Solar concluded by giving her thoughts on hateful comments and her hopes that the video would cause these comments to stop and consider how she feels.

Watch the full video below.