MAMAMOO’s Solar Once Ate Live Moths On Stage

The story is horrifying!

On the latest episode of 1 vs 100, MAMAMOO‘s Solar shared a shocking story of how she ate live moths on stage!


Set to air on March 13, Solar was on the quiz show 1 vs 100where she was asked about her most memorable event performances.

I once went to a festival in the mountains and noticed that the floor of the stage was a beige color. As I was going up on stage, I wondered why the floor was beige. I came to realize that dead moths were completely covering the stage floor, which was why the floor looked beige.” — Solar


To the shock of the audience, Solar revealed that there were so many moths flying around, she couldn’t avoid eating them!

I opened my mouth wide to sing, and live moths started flying into my open mouth. So while I was singing, I was eating and spitting out moths.” — Solar


The amount of moths made it impossible to even take photos at the festival.

Later, when I saw photos taken by fans at the event, there were so many moths that I was out of focus, but the moths were clear. You could even see the moth’s legs in focus.” — Solar


Hopefully you won’t have to eat anymore moths Solar!

Source: Xports News via Naver and Star MK