MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals What IU Did For Them When They Were Guests At IU’s Concert

IU invited them as concert guests and surprised them as the waiting room.

IU is one example of a wonderfully well-rounded K-Pop celebrity who recognizes talents and tries to show her support to them all the way.

In fact, in concert last November 2019, she invited none other than girl-group MAMAMOO to perform!

It seems like the concert hall isn’t the first time that these powerful queens met.

They even had a group picture back when MAMAMOO debuted in 2014, so this means that they’ve known each other for quite a while now.

The group came on stage and thanked IU for inviting them to perform as guests in her concert.

They sang “Starry Night” and “gogobebe” during the duration of their time as performing guests.

In a typical MAMAMOO fashion, the girls also had time to show their funny personalities by fan-girling over IU on stage.

Aside from inviting them as guests, IU also made sure to give them a comfortable welcome.

MAMAMOO was so touched by IU’s gesture that Solar even shared the experience in one of her lives:

Naturally, fans are delighted by how nice and kind-hearted IU is.

It seemed like the members, especially Solar, touched IU’s heart by showing her a considerate gesture as well.

Aside from the letters, Solar also prepared custom sneakers as a gift to IU and she made sure to let her fans know just how much she appreciates this.

Stories of women supporting other women will always be wonderful — and the world certainly needs more of these interactions between K-Pop idols in the years to come.