MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals A Time When Fans Turned Hostile After Being Told To Wait For A Picture

Her fans got angry when they didn’t get what they wanted.

During a Q&A on her YouTube channel, Solar was asked what’s the hardest thing about being a singer.

“What’s the hardest thing about being a singer?” 

After thinking about it for a while she recalled a particularly shocking moment when fans got upset at MAMAMOO.

She says that MAMAMOO were eating in a restaurant when fans approached asking for pictures with their entire family. Since they were eating, they told the fans that they’d be glad to take pictures once they were finished with their meal.

“They requested a photoshoot with the family” 

This wasn’t good enough for the fans, who immediately got angry and started berating them. The disgruntled fans even went as far as to insinuate that MAMAMOO had to take the pictures right then and there because they were singers.

“They got very angry” 

MAMAMOO was so surprised by this sudden turn of events that they agreed to take the pictures right then instead of waiting until they’d finished their meal.


This situation highlights the sometimes unfortunate aspects that come with being a singer and dealing with “fans”.