MAMAMOO’s Solar Shows Off Her Pole Dancing Skills

Our abs were burning just watching her!

MBC‘s My Little TV V2 aired an episode on September 6 (KST) which featured Solar of MAMAMOO. Solar was shown a pole dancing move and asked to imitate it.

The first move was meant to be elegant, looking as though the person executing it was walking on air.

Although Solar is physically fit and an excellent dancer, having previously incorporated pole dancing into stage performances, the move seemed to be a little too much for her despite getting a helping hand.

Not one to give up, she gave it a second try. Solar was able to hold the pose the second time, but she made viewers laugh with her intense facial expressions—although the editing certainly didn’t help!😂

Next, she was shown an inverted pole dancing move.

Not only was she able to nail the pose on her first try, but she was able to hold the position for several seconds.

Solar laughed throughout holding the pose despite the uncomfortable position, which made viewers laugh along with her.

Although Solar struggled a little, what she managed to do was still very impressive and truly a testament to her dedication to her craft!