MAMAMOO’s Solar Was Surprised By The Results Of Her Own DNA Test

Solar didn’t expect these results.

On her YouTube channel, solarsido, MAMAMOO‘s Solar decided to take a DNA test to find out about her ancestry.

After waiting a few weeks, Solar got her results, and she was quite surprised by the results.

52.33% Korean
24.89% Japanese
17.78% Chinese
2.55% Mongolian
2.4% Southeast Asian

— Solar’s DNA Test

Overall, the results showed that Solar was 99.95% East Asian and 0.05% Sub-Saharan African.

Solar then saw that most Koreans get 49.6% of them being Korean, so her results were pretty similar.

In the end, Solar was quite surprised by her results, as she didn’t expect a result with such a wide range of nationalities.

Here’s the full video below!